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Oscar Piastri Revs Up Excitement at Melbourne Central with Quad Lock for 2024

In a showcase of speed and style, Formula 1 sensation Oscar Piastri appeared at Melbourne Central, creating an electrifying atmosphere for fans and media alike. The event, marked by the display of a striking Quad Lock branded F1 car, served as the platform for Piastri to announce his continued partnership with Quad Lock for the 2024 season and spruik an important road safety message to all drivers ahead of the Christmas period.

Oscar took the time to engage with the media, answering questions with the poise of a seasoned pro, and interacted with fans, sharing moments of laughter and enthusiasm. The crowd was visibly thrilled, with fans lining up for photos and autographs with the 2023 Formula 1 Rookie of the Year. But there was a more important message he wanted to convey to everyone.

“Safety is a very important part of F1. For me, I always want to feel safe when racing. It’s important for us to convey that messaging into the real world and onto the road. The initiative between myself and Quad Lock “Keep Your Hands Off It” is a very important one for both of us trying to keep road users safe. Quad Lock does a great job of that with their products. With more and more temptation on your phone, it can be very easy to be drawn into it [while driving] and all of a sudden you’re possibly in a very life changing situation. Everyone has their own responsibility to keep themselves safe and keep others safe. Make sure you’re concentrating and with the help of Quad Lock you can still change your maps, change your music, whatever you need whilst keeping your hands on the steering wheel.”

Reflecting on the 2023 season, Oscar shared insights into his experiences and challenges. He emphasised how critical it was to have reliable partners like Quad Lock, whose support was instrumental in navigating the ups and downs of a gruelling racing season. His recount of the season's highlights brought the audience closer to the world of Formula 1, bridging the gap between the grandstands and the grid.

Oscar’s continued partnership with Quad Lock symbolises a fusion of peak performance and technological innovation, a beacon for aspiring racers and tech enthusiasts alike. As the 2024 season approaches, all eyes will be on this dynamic duo, eagerly anticipating the thrills and triumphs that lie ahead.

Official Press Release

  • Formula 1’s 2023 Rookie of the Year, Oscar Piastri shares important road safety message leading into busiest time of the year
  • Data shows Australians are starting to listen, but there is still a long way to go with phone related incidents and fines
  • Continuing Oscar’s partnership with Quad Lock in 2024, both parties are urging Australians to ‘Keep Your Hands Off it’

With the holiday period fast approaching, traditionally marked by increased travel and road congestion, Quad Lock and its Global Ambassador, Oscar Piastri, who was recently crowned ‘2023 FIA F1 Rookie of The Year’, are raising awareness about the importance of responsible driving.

Delivering the slightly cheeky yet incredibly important message “Keep Your Hands Off It” in partnership with leading adventure brand, Quad Lock, Oscar hopes his message lands with Australians who are still using their mobile phones to text and scroll in their vehicles.

Oscar Piastri, known for his remarkable achievements in Formula 1, recognises the need for action. "As a professional driver, safety has always been paramount to me, both on and off the track. Unfortunately, a surge in road incidents often accompanies the holiday season, and I think it’s a really important message to address unsafe phone use which is a preventable factor in many accidents," Piastri stated.

'Keep Your Hands Off It', a collaborative push from Oscar and Quad Lock, aims to emphasise the dangers of handheld mobile phone use while driving and encourages drivers to prioritise safety for themselves and the well-being of others on the road.

On the global stage, Australia is notably tackling handheld mobile use while driving, and it appears Aussies are in fact starting to listen and change their mobile use behaviour in cars. Evidence of this trend, Quad Lock, smartphone mounting systems offering the most secure way to mount your phone, have experienced a significant and incremental surge in growth.

As one of the leading solutions offering a legal way to view your phone while driving*, the Australian designed fixed mounting system, has experienced the highest growth in Australia through their ‘Drive’ category up 50% year-on-year.

Despite these positive signs, and Australia being exemplary in promoting driver safety and enforcing proactive laws around handheld mobile phone use, there is still a long way to go. In 2022, over 360,000 mobile phone infringements were issued, up 63% over the previous period [1].

Co-Founder of Quad Lock and staunch advocate for safety and innovation, Rob Ward, expressed his support for Piastri's passion for the cause: "Quad Lock has always been at the forefront of promoting safe and secure mounting of smartphone devices.

“We are proud to launch the 'Keep Your Hands Off It' narrative alongside Oscar, as it aligns with our commitment to enhancing driver safety through innovative solutions.

Quad Lock sales data and the notable growth of the ‘Drive’ category tells a promising story that Aussies are in fact listening. This is encouraging, and we hope that through focused messages such as this, we can continue to improve driver safety as a nation.

'Keep Your Hands Off It' is essential all-year-round, with consumers urged to take particular note in December as it is a high-risk time of year and double demerits come into force; which could mean up to 10 points from your licence. Now is the time for Aussies to change their habits.

Piastri, Quad Lock, and the 'Keep Your Hands Off It' message aim to make a positive impact by encouraging drivers to remain focused, minimise distractions, and contribute to safer roads during the holiday season and beyond.

"As you navigate your adventure this Aussie summer, make sure your phone is securely mounted," ended Piastri.

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