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Story: Where it all began.

Our story started with wanting to explore the world. Well, at least some of it. With Australia as their backyard, Quad Lock founders Chris and Rob rode bikes on empty roads, explored mountains on foot, and deserts in the car. But they didn't have total confidence taking their phones out there. So, they did something about it.

A few years after the release of the first iPhone, Quad Lock was born. And a Kickstarter campaign in 2011 launched a premium iPhone mount – loved by cyclists worldwide. The range has since expanded to other pursuits, with enthusiasts all over exploring more with their phones securely in sight.

Quad Lock: Every Day. Every Adventure.

The motto? Adventure. Whether on bike, boat, car, a trip down the road, or expedition across the globe, Quad Lock makes the experience better. And we build reliable gear, so you can go anywhere. No matter your device. No matter your pursuit.

Product: The confidence to explore.

At Quad Lock, we pay attention to the things that count – design and durability. Our products withstand extreme weather, falls, and impact, featuring a patented dual-stage locking mechanism and secure mount tailored to your activity. From bike to boat and car to foot, all you need to remember is this; our products do what they say they will.

Our world: Our environment.

A lot has changed since we started in 2011. But one thing remains true. Our world needs looking after. We support World Bicycle Relief, providing bikes to developing African communities so they can access education and healthcare. So far, we've donated over 1000 bikes and just committed to doubling our efforts.

We're also removing plastic from our packaging, using 100% FSC paper with soy ink, and reducing carbon emissions to have clean and sustainable adventures for years to come.

What's next?

The Quad Lock range is continually expanding. For all product updates and more make sure you're on our email list or follow us on Facebook or Instagram.