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Introducing the Quad Lock MAG Wallet: The Ultimate Everyday Carry

It’s time to retire your old bulky wallet and streamline your everyday carry with the new Quad Lock MAG Wallet. Yep, we're looking at you 👀 Just simply attach the wallet to the back of your Quad Lock MAG case and you’ll be ready to go!


The Quad Lock MAG Wallet offers a perfect blend of style, security, and convenience, making it the perfect solution to keep your essentials secure in your everyday life. With its sleek and minimalist design, the wallet ensures you travel light with a capacity to hold up to 3 cards.  Compatible with all Quad Lock MAG cases, snap it to the back of your phone using the inbuilt magnets.

Crafted from premium vegan leather, the all-black Quad Lock MAG Wallet attaches seamlessly to the back of your MAG case. With security being at the forefront of this design, the wallet offers shear resistance to ensure it stays in place when taking it in and out of your pocket. An internal spring is also integrated into the design of the MAG Wallet to make sure your cards are always stored securely in place.

Quad Lock MAG Wallet

Not to mention, you can make payments using your ApplePay or GooglePay uninterrupted, even while your wallet is attached to your phone. Plus, you can still tap your cards through the wallet without having to take your cards out!* (Perfect for when you’re carrying around a public transport pass).

*Tap-to-pay functionality may be interrupted with multiple payment RFID cards in your Wallet.


Tech Specs
  • Compatible with Quad Lock MAG™ Cases and MAG Universal Adaptor
  • Measurements: 94.6mm L x 65.1mm W x 9.8.mm H
  • Made from durable vegan leather (PU material)
  • Glass-filled nylon Quad Lock® feature
  • Finger cut-out to easily remove cards
  • Securely hold one to three cards
  • Not compatible with Quad Lock® Original Cases, Universal Adaptor or other third-party MagSafe cases
  • NFC functions may not work due to the magnetic function of the MAG Wallet
  • Suitable for all iPhone, Galaxy, and Pixel devices in a Quad Lock MAG™ Case

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