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Best Phone Mount and Action Camera Mount for ATV/UTV

Best Customisable ATV/UTV Mount for your phone or action camera with Quad Lock 360™

Dominate challenging trails on your ATV/UTV with the ultimate phone and action camera mounting solution – the Quad Lock 360™ system using the Roll Cage Hose Clamp Base. Keep your device safe and accessible for navigation, music, or capturing epic moments.


Why Choose a Quad Lock 360™ Mount for Your ATV/UTV?

Unmatched Security for Your Device

The patented dual-stage locking mechanism ensures your phone or action camera stays put, no matter how rough the ride gets.

Build Your Perfect Setup

The modular design lets you create a mount tailored to your needs. Start with the Roll Cage Hose Clamp Base (fits 32-60mm bars) and add an optional arm for extended reach. Top it off with a head depending on your needs. Add a Lever Head to mount your phone or an Action Camera Adaptor to mount your action camera.

How to Build Your Perfect ATV/UTV Mount

1. Choose a base

Start by selecting the Hose Clamp Base, specifically designed to grip your roll cage bars (32-60mm)

2. Choose an arm (Optional)

For extra viewing distance, add an arm to the base before attaching the head.

3. Choose your head

Finally, pick your preferred head unit. Choose from:

  • Lever Head: Securely mount your phone for easy access and ultimate positioning.
  • Action Camera Adaptor: Capture the action from a different angle by attaching your action camera
  • Weatherproof Charging Head: Securely mount your phone and wirelessly charge whilst on the go
Ready to Build Your Perfect Mount?

Upgrade your ATV/UTV experience with a Quad Lock 360™ mount. Visit our website to explore the different bases, arms, heads and phone cases to create the ultimate custom mount for your next adventure!


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