S4 Introduction

An introduction to the Quad Lock Mounting System for Samsung Galaxy S4

The Quad Lock Mounting System is the Lightest, Strongest and most Secure iPhone Mount on the market. Using our smart push, turn and lock mechanism (patent pending) you can mount your phone in less than a second and know that it is securely fastened and ready for action. 

Designed in Australia, the Quad Lock System takes a unique approach to the task of mounting your smart phone. Unlike most bike mounts on the market the Quad Lock has a very small and discrete mount which is unobtrusive when not in use. The mount locates into the rear of a Quad Lock case or Quad Lock Universal Adaptor and securely locks it in place. There is no need for lanyards, straps, or bands  as it is 100% secure.    

Quad Lock Samsung Galaxy S4 products

Galaxy S4 Bike Kit

Galaxy S4 Car Kit

Galaxy S4 Case

Galaxy S4 Poncho

The Quad Lock Mounting System is a game changer for mounting your Smart Phone.

The Quad Lock is the Lightest, Strongest and most Secure Mounting System on the market. Using our turn and lock mechanism you can mount your phone in seconds. And with an ever growing array of mounts the Quad Lock is also the most versatile mounting system available.


Weighing in at just 19 grams, the Quad Lock Bike Mount is the lightest bike mount on the market. And if you're not into cycling we also have mounts for jogging, in car use and around the home/office.


Our mount may be small but it's mighty strong. Manufactured from engineering grade polymers, it's built to last. If you don't believe us check out the strength test video we made to demonstrate just how strong the mount really is.


Security was our number one goal when developing the Quad Lock Mounting System. As much as we hate to admit it, we rely on our cell phones almost every second of the day so we wanted to make sure that when we mounted our phones to our bikes that they were 100% secure. Our dual stage locking mechanism (patent pending) is the most secure mounting method on the market. Using a clever spring loaded locking collar that locates into the rear face of the case, once your phone is connected it is impossible to remove it from the mount until you release the locking collar. Simple, but very effective.


Mounts for almost every application

The Quad Lock is so much more than just an awesome bike mount. Check out some of the other ways you can use your Quad Lock with our extensive range of Mounts.