Judging by the amount of emails and phone calls we have been getting we know you guys are really looking forward to the iPhone 5 Quad Lock Case! And you'll be happy to know its almost here! We have been working tirelessly around the clock to make sure that the new iPhone 5 Quad Lock Case is the best case we have ever produced.

We've listened to the feed back and gone back to the drawing board to design a case that is super protective, super secure, feels great in hand, slides into your pocket and works great with our patent pending mounting system. Yesterday all that effort paid off as we recevied the final pre-production samples and we're stoked with the results!  

The new case is easier to remove while still being super secure, way more protective, more streamlined, and is the best case we have ever made. We've changed things up a bit by going for a TPU outer with a PC inner in whats called an overmolded design. This doubles the tooling and part costs but we want to provide the best solution on the market so we think its worth it. 

The photo below shows some of the off tool parts at various stages in the development process. Each part represents a change in the design, material hardness and final surface texture. It hasn't been an easy process as we're mighty happy with the results!