We recently received an email from a customer who put his Quad Lock™ to the ultimate test - a hard crash! 

"Just to let you know what happened to me and my Quad lock case...

I received my Quadlock case a few weeks ago and unfortunately did the ultimate test with it, I crashed hard, very hard on an asphalt surface. So hard that I broke my collar bone (sudden stop kind of crash with almost no sliding...). handle bars are bent and brake levers are deeply scratched, bent and in sad shape and so am I (broken collar bone). My iPhone survived the incident without a scratch as it was still attached to the handlembars post crash even if it was only held by those two o-rings. 

Needless to say that I was amazed by the fact that my iPhone held on tight in such circumstances."

We're happy to report that he is recovering from the accident and will hopefully be back on the bike as soon as the doctors give him the go ahead. Strangely enough one of the Annex Crew, Konstantina, broke her collar bone not so long ago so she knows how he feels. 

We wish you both a speedy recovery!